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Afiong just wants to catch a good-looking man. A skull from the spirit land sees an opportunity.



Ali Baba is out chopping wood when he overhears some men talking. Little does he know that this will change his life.



A French nobleman keeps a secret from his wife. She doesn't take it well.



Catharina just wants to be friends with her new sister-in-law, but her mother just won't leave well enough alone.



Cuchullin is a brave young man with weird powers and is the only one who can defend his country's bull.



Demane and Demazana are siblings who are just trying to make it on their own. In the land of cannibals.



Uea's dad is a fisherman and her mom, as it turns out, is a fish!



A young fisherman named Urashima helps a turtle escape from some bratty kids. You won't believe what happens next!



Vasilisa's stepmother just asked her to step out into the woods to look for a candle. That's not too much to ask, right?

More folktales coming soon!